SPECTRA corporate identity

Design and threalization of the exhibition stand for the Spectra Lighting company at the EUROSHOP fair Düsseldorf 2020.
The stand was designed on the basis of company lighting profiles and lighting fixtures, which are the dominant feature of the stand.

Compex project and realization of all marketing materials for the EUROSHOP fair, Düsseldorf 2020.


Main product catalog. The company Spectra Lighting professionally deals with the design and production of lighting fixtures, which is why we designed the cover of the catalog that shines! 🙂

Sketchbook for architects.

Special gadgets prepared for Spectra Lighting company for several events such as Polish Architects Championships, Polish Golf Championships and other.
Creative and fun, personalized bottles contain flavored vodka. Oryginal labels and slogans refer to the flavor of the drink in a playfull way: hot cranberry, chill with pear, gingerbread gone wild and other.