The eye-catching slogans referring to the company’s business profile and brand’s products are a surprising detail. It’s an effective way to develop a brand’s marketing strategy.


Each of the slogans designed for Spectra Lighting relates to the company’s products. Some of them make funny references to pop culture, others emphasize the company’s values, for example, care for the natural environment.

Small personalized bottles with flavored vodka. Labels and slogans playfully encourage you to relax and have fun. The colors of labels emphasize the taste and color of the beverage:

Gingerbread goes crazy – GINGERBREAD FLAVORED VODKA
Chill with pear – PEAR FLAVORED VODKA
Plum without the compote – PLUM FLAVORED VODKA
Reset with quince – QUINCE FLAVORED VODKA


The second set of bottles is marked with white labels. White color is a central part of the design and it contrasts with the beautiful color of the beverage, while the creative slogans encourage you to relax and have fun.